Normangee TX Funeral Center

"They let the sun shine through. When you walk in there are windows everywhere. It doesn't feel like a closed and dark funeral home. It is really moving here."

Kathy Ross Falcone
Funeral Home Client

We've renovated our entire facility to help your family smile again.

Your family deserves the best, our newly rennovated Funeral Center was designed to pay tribute to those you love, at the most affordable pricing in the area.

Your family and guests will experience large spacious areas, tall ceilings, and oversized windows allowing natural sunlight to fill the space. Brand new beautiful furniture provides elegance and comfort to your family and all your guests.

Here are just a few of the many features of our new center

Renovated Chapel

We offer one of the largest chapel spaces of any funeral home in the area. Our chapel also easily accommodates a large amount of guests for gatherings during visitations, services, and other events. This space is also equipped with a large flat screen television to show your loved one’s tribute video.

Conference Room

Our family conversation suite is spacious and the most comfortable of any local funeral home. When your family sits down with one of our directors, certified celebrants, or event experts, you won’t feel confined and pressured. This room was designed to lower the anxiety of your family and to increase the ability to plan a meaningful remembrance event within a warm, non-threatening environment. Using technology and a large screen format, families are able to participate in the arrangement conversation with access to all options and total transparency on products, services, and cost.

Lounge Area For Refreshments

This area extends the experience of a personal and meaningful remembrance event into a time of food and sharing allowing family and friends to remember their loved one in a personal and inspired event celebration. These receptions are uniquely themed around the life story of the person being remembered. These take place on-site, in the funeral center’s reception center’s banquet style setting.

Themed Remembrance Events

Helps facilitate the sharing of memories and telling of a life story using themed visuals such as mementos, photo collages, props, softly playing music, and unique activities. Every detail is thoughtfully and uniquely utilized to share the individual story of a loved one’s life, creating a meaningful and personal experience.

Certified Celebrant – Story Tellers

Our Certified Celebrant, or specially trained master storyteller, Dawn Lee Wakefield, presents a meaningful and personalized service that tells the life story of your loved one. A Storyteller leads the service and creates a beautiful remembrance event that captures the wonderful memories of a person’s life and can be the single officiant for the event or work alongside a member of the Clergy.

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