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Our new serene, secure on-site Magnolia Cremation Room, is located inside our new Funeral Center and includes an optional window view, so you can be present in privacy when the cremation process is happening. Our 4th Crematory, this one is located in our Magnolia Cremation Suite within our new Funeral Center in Normangee. Viewing the start of the cremation may not be everyone’s first choice, we understand, but when we visit with friends about cremation as an option, people appreciate all we offer.

As the most trusted cremation provider in town, we remain the only locally owned Cremation Center in our area. Your loved one is not sent out of town for cremation. Most funeral homes advertise cremation, but we offer you peace of mind in knowing we are not subcontracting your loved one of town to be cremated. We supervise the process locally and your loved one never leaves our care.

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We are the Standard of Excellence for Cremation Solutions

Why Use Our Local Crematory?

Many families today are choosing cremation. You need to know that we own 4 private and local crematories, the newest of which is located at our Magnolia Cremation Suite on-site within our brand new Funeral Center. Because of our significant investment, you are ensured not only the highest standards of care, comfort, and accountability…but also peace-of-mind that your loved one’s cremation will be completed quicker than by any other cremation providers because we control all aspects of the entire cremation process.

All funeral homes advertise “cremation services” however, some area funeral homes subcontract out this important service to distant crematories far down the highway. This is not the case with Callaway-Jones Cremations. Your loved one never leaves our care and no one but our Certified Cremation Specialists will care for them.

Since we are an actual crematory operator and are privileged to serve more cremation families every year than the majority of all other funeral homes combined, you have the peace-of-mind in knowing that you have retained a “Cremation Expert.” Let us share some of that knowledge with you so you can be an informed consumer.