Cremation Diamonds

Our Memorial Cremation Diamonds are real diamonds created from cremated ashes of your loved ones as a memorial to their unique life. As a prefered partner of Algordanza Diamonds, we can assure you that your diamond will keep the memories alive for generations. Our diamonds are forever, and they can be an everlasting keepsake, remembrance, or heirloom to pass to future generations.

About Cremation Diamonds

Cremation Diamond Cuts

The memorial diamond is shining in white up to bluish coloring. The bluish tint is depending on the individual quality of the element Boron in the carbon. After the synthesis, the rough diamond is cut and polished according to the customers request. The diamond may also be inscribed by laser up to 50 characters.

Cremation Diamond
The Cremation Diamond is presented in an elegant protective casing along with a certificate signed by the founder of the diamond maker Algordanza. This certifies and guarantees the authenticity, origin, color, size, and weight.

How Cremation Diamonds are Made

1. The human elements (cremated remains) go through analysis
2. All non-carbon elements are dissolved leaving only raw organic carbon with variable traces of boron. (Boron levels dictate the color of the diamond)
3. The organic carbon is then converted into graphite. The graphite is then placed into a Diamond Press with a started diamond crystal. The graphite and starter crystals are subjected to 2700 F and 1,000,000 psi. The graphite then crystallizes off of the diamond recreating the same molecular structure as the starter diamond.
4. Once crystallized to the desired carat weight the contents are then removed from the press and the natural diamond crystal is cut from the rough diamond. The rough diamond is then cut down to the desired shape and the polished.
5. If selected, the diamond is then sent for laser engraving. If not, the diamond will be delivered.

Watch the Memorial Cremation Diamond video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Algordanza Memorial Diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a dug diamond found in the Earth.

We require at least 1 lb of the ashes for the synthesis. The remains will be handled as follows: According to legal general conditions the cremation ashes not used in the process will be returned. We assure dignified and careful handling of the ashes and can prove it by corresponding documentation.

Yes, however accurate specifics can only be made after a detailed analysis of the ashes in our laboratory.

No, the size (weight) of the diamond is depending on the duration of the process. The longer the diamond lasts in the growing phase the bigger it can become.

The individual quantity of the element Boron in the carbon causes the diamonds to have a blue tint. We do not manipulate the color of the diamond in any way.

With our certificate we guarantee the genuineness, weight, cut and the color of the diamond as well as the chemical composition indicating the origin source of the diamond from the cremation ashes passed on to us.

You can have your diamond work up to a piece of jewelry from a jeweler of your choice at any time.