Transfer Existing Funeral Plans

Many people are unaware that they can transfer their existing pre-arrangements made at other funeral homes.

Since opening the new Cozart Funeral and Cremation Center, families have been asking if an existing pre-need policy for your funeral that was written somewhere else can be transferred to Cozart. The answer is yes, absolutely.

Why families are doing it:

Normangee and the Brazos Valley continues to grow daily, with many of us relocating our beloved parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents here to join us, to be closer to doctors and hospitals. And, as is typical of the generation before ours, they took care of making their final wishes formal when they were in their 50s and 60s, so they’d have their affairs in order, for the future. Funeral insurance policies belong to the individual, not the funeral home that wrote the policy. You can assign it to any service provider you prefer

Here is how it works:

Click the button above to start the transfer process or fill out the form below. If a death has just occurred, contact us immediately, and we’ll accept the  policy and follow it in its entirety. That’s the peace of mind we offer you. As you may know, we have our Advance Planning Specialists, Shelby Swoboda and Sarah Conway. If you’d like to visit with one of them, please call or come by our funeral center. We encourage pre-planning questions and discussions, whether or not you’re ready to make final decisions. The more you know about your choices now brings you peace of mind and time to think about what you’d really like to have when your family and friends gather to remember you.

For families choosing burial:

Existing policy holders will just need to change the assignee to Cozart. Our office can help you complete this change in minutes. Once this is accomplished, we fulfill everything that was stated in your policy. If a church funeral was requested, and the church was originally in their hometown, and you’re members of a local church here, we can help you reach out to your church for their availability for the service at a day and time of your choosing. We have caskets for your choosing that are just like the ones specified in your contract (color, decoration, etc.). If military honors are requested in your senior’s plan all we need is their DD-214 form and we will take care of contacting the veterans group for military honors at the service.

For families choosing cremation:

If cremation was your loved one’s choice, we have our own onsite Magnolia Cremation Suite here for a private family gathering/viewing prior to the cremation process. We have a large selection of cremation urns that you’ll find meet the one chosen previously by your loved one.
Fill out the form below if you would like to transfer your existing Funeral or Cremation Plans from another funeral home to Cozart Funeral Home.

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