Preparing for the Arrangement Conference

"During the conference all their attention is directed to you. They are not pushy and they are willing to help you make the best decision for your circumstances. First Class people!"

Jim Kazmierski
Funeral Home Client

The initial meeting or arrangement conference with the funeral director usually takes place on the day of or the day after the death occurs.  When death occurs, families must make a number of decisions in a very short period of time. This can be particularly stressful for families who experience an unexpected death.  Choosing the funeral home, deciding on the type of service, deciding when the burial or cremation will take place, contacting everyone, and getting family in to town for the service are just some of the issues families must address.

We also offer virtual arrangements by telephone, or we can come directly to your home.

What will take place at the Arrangement Conference?

When you arrive at the funeral home you will be greeted by one of our family service advisors who will take you to the arrangement conference area and offer you something to drink. The funeral director will assist in walking you through the process of planning a funeral, cremation, or celebration of life that is meaningful and reflects the life of your loved one.  You will be asked to give vital statistic information for the death certificate as well as biographical information for the obituary.  If you choose to write the obituary yourself, please email a copy to your funeral director so it can be submitted to the newspaper and placed on the funeral home web site.

Download our FREE GUIDE  to help you through the process. By spending some time reviewing these documents and asking questions, you and your family will be better prepared to arrange a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

If possible, bring these items with you to the arrangement conference:

  • Deceased: full name, address, city of birth, date of birth, social security number, parents names, list of survivors
  • Recent photo of the deceased
  • Clothes to be worn during the viewing
  • Cemetery Information or Deed
  • Any pre-arrangement wishes in writing
  • Military DD-214 Discharge Form
  • Insurance Policies
At Cozart, we like to help families create unique services that feel right to them.  Part of accomplishing this is to bring a person’s hobbies, interests, and facets of life they shared with others into the service.  The best way to do this is to personalize the funeral service with anything that helps tell a story and reflect the person everyone knew.  These examples will help you see how simple personal possessions, when accompanied by photographs can communicate so much about a person we loved.
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