Ask These Cremation Questions

"There is nothing like knowing when you get your loved one's ashes back, that they are actually correct. Cody and staff are a business you can trust."

Amanda Yates
Funeral Home Client

You have the right to be an informed cremation consumer. When you call funeral homes inquiring about cremation you should be asking the following cremation questions:

Does the funeral home own the crematory?
Nearly every funeral home offers “cremation services” but there is only one Locally Owned crematory in Normangee that is owned and operated by the funeral home — Ours. Our onsite Magnolia Cremation Suite ensures your loved one is cared for with the highest level of care and respect with having to contract out the cremation process.

Where is the cremation performed?

Our locally-owned crematory is located within our Magnolia Cremation Suite in our brand new Funeral Center. This means your loved on never leaves our care through the entire process, and they are not sub-contracted to strangers out of town or any other company you have not met or spoken with.

Can I inspect the crematory?

We are proud of being the most trusted and respected cremation provider in Normangee, and we make our crematory available for your inspection anytime.

Is the funeral director a Certified Crematory Operator?

We have 6 CANA (Cremation Association of North America) Certified Crematory Operators on staff to help offer your family peace of mind in knowing that all our cremations are performed with the highest ethical standards and respect, and your loved one will never be handled by anyone other than our staff.

Is my loved one safe and secure until the cremation?

We offer the largest and most advanced walk-in cooling care center within 75 miles. Our Funeral and Cremation Center offers 360 degree Video Surveillance 24/7. You can rest assure your loved one is safe and secure, and respectfully cared for, from the moment we bring them into our care.

How long has the funeral home owned a crematory and how many cremations have they completed?

Cozart has owned and operated our own crematory since 1987. We now have 3 crematories and have completed over 12,000 successful cremations since our first cremator was installed in 1987. There is no doubt we are the most experienced and most qualified crematory operator and cremation service provider in Normangee.

We are the Standard of Excellence for Cremation Services


… we have total control over the professional and ethical standards that are expected for all crematories.

… we ensure prompt attention to your needs with no scheduling delays. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

… we can guarantee integrity. We can assure you that the cremated remains you receive are, without a doubt, the remains of your loved one.