10 Reasons Funeral or Cremation Planning Makes Sense

There are many reasons to pre-plan and pre-fund your funeral and cremation. Here are the Top Ten:


Peace of Mind

Knowing your wishes in advance will ease the burden on your loved ones.


Financial Security

Pre-funding eliminates the stress associates with funeral payment and other final expenses.


Option to Pay Over Time

When pre-funding, you can set aside funds in convenient periodic payments.


Known Price

Outlining your funeral plans in advance allows your family to know what the cost will be.


It’s Transferable

If you should move out of state or simply choose another funeral home, your Advance Funeral Plan can transfer with you.


Exempt Asset

Funds set aside to pay for future funeral costs can be set up to be exempt from consideration as assets in the event you need to qualify for public assistance.


Together, Not Alone

Your loved ones won’t be left to make all the decisions on their own as to what you might have wanted.


One Call

Once you have pre-planned, a single call can set the process in motion.


Preserve Your Independence

Like most people, you cherished your independence during your lifetime. Preplanning protects your independence even after you are gone.



Pre-planning allows you to choose how you would like your life celebrated and how you want to be remembered.

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