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What should I wear to a funeral?

When deciding what to wear to a funeral it is always best to go conservative. While you don’t necessarily have to wear black, you should dress in a way that shows respect.  A good rule of thumb is to dress as if you are attending a serious business meeting.  If a celebration of life is going to be themed, then certainly go with the theme if you are able.  If you have any questions, ask us!

Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?

Cremation and burial are dispositions, or final choices for the body.  Funerals are how we gather to remember a person.  Cremation in no way limits how you can celebrate the life of a loved one.  Callaway-Jones offers many unique choices for how cremation services can look for you

What is the difference between a Celebration of Life and a Funeral?

The most simple answer to this question is that funerals are typically more focused on faith or cultural traditions and life celebrations are more focused on stories and memories of the decedent.  Callaway-Jones can help you blend both.  Meet our certified celebrant Dawn Lee Wakefield.

Are all funeral homes the same?

Absolutely not! While funeral homes all offer burial and cremation, the difference is in the care you receive and the experience you will have during a very difficult time.  Callaway-Jones is locally owned and operated while most other funeral homes are owned by publicly traded companies focused on rewarding investors.

Why is having a funeral ceremony important?

Gathering together to recognize a loss and acknowledge grief is a basic human need.  When a death occurs, the loss is shared by many people.  A funeral service, a cremation service, or life celebration gives people a time to reflect upon and share memories.  Experiencing this together gives people the ability to begin the healing process.  

What if we don’t belong to a church?

If you have a faith tradition but do not belong to a church or have a pastor, but would still like to have a traditional funeral service, Callaway-Jones can help arrange for a pastor or our certified celebrant to be present.  If you do not practice a faith tradition and would prefer to a have a celebration of life instead, our certified celebrant Dawn Lee Wakefield can assist your family.

How long can we wait to have a funeral?

If you prefer to have a viewing of your loved one at the service, we would typically need to have the funeral service within two weeks. This is not an exact answer as this could vary by individual. However, if we have completed a burial or cremation, then we can schedule a memorial service or celebration of life at any point in the future. The sooner we have the service then the sooner your family and friends can begin the healing process.

What are your payment policies?

We require payment in full prior to scheduling and confirming services by one or more of the following:

  • Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order
  • Pre-Paid Funeral/Cremation Policy with our funeral home or any other funeral home. If the total funding on the policy has not been satisfied, the balance of unpaid expenses can be covered with one of the options above.
  • Insurance policy that is verifiable, assignable and has passed the contestability period of 2 years. An administrative fee of 4% of the amount assigned to the funeral home will be added. In certain cases, we may not accept insurance assignments for cases where the Justice of the Peace certifies the medical portion of the death certificate.
  • Financing / Loan: 3 or 5 year loan, terms vary based on soft credit check.
    If approved, we offer 0% interest if paid off in 6 months.

Do you have a crematory?

Callaway-Jones owns its crematory and it is operated by our certified staff.  We adhere to the area’s most stringent cremation safeguards for your family’s peace of mind and have the most secure, and largest indoor cooling care center for sheltering the remains of your loved until cremation takes place.  We also offer the option to be present in privacy for the cremation process.  

What exactly is provided for veterans?

Callaway-Jones has been honored to serve veterans and their families over many years and helping them claim all of their earned benefits.  Veterans and their spouses are entitled to no-cost placement at any VA Cemetery with Military Honors consisting of 21-gun salute, folding and presentation of the United States flag, and playing of Taps.

Can I prepay for my service?

You certainly can, and in many cases you should.  Callaway-Jones offers free planning consultations so you can make informed decisions to protect your family.  We also offer interactive seminars and events mixed with fun activities.   We also offer free information you can request.

Can I transfer my plans from another funeral home to you?

If you have already planned your funeral, moving your plan to Callaway-Jones and taking advantage of all we offer is simple.  Simply call or request an appointment.  We’ll accept your policy and follow it in its entirety, with no surprise costs to you or add-ons. That’s the peace of mind we offer you.

Being a 5th generation Funeral Director, Cody Jones has grown up with funerals his whole life, with a wealth of knowledge passed down from one generation to the next.

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